Michael Aune—Teaching

Living Tradition, HS 1220
An introduction to theology and ministry in the Lutheran context with special attention given to Martin Luther’s life and basic theological writings, the subsequent influences of Orthodoxy and Pietism, the Neo-Lutheranism(s) of the 19th century, and the Luther Renaissances of the 20th and 21st centuries. The course is also intended to assist students for their work in core courses that deal with questions of Lutheran identity and mission and for the kind of theological integration and reflection that take place in teaching parish.
American Lutheranism, HS 2012
What has it meant to be a Lutheran in “America,” i.e., the United States? What might it mean to be one now? How might we develop an understanding of “American” Lutheranism as a cultural process whereby individuals and groups map, construct, and inhabit worlds of meaning? In addressing these questions, we will consider significant aspects of American Lutheran life—immigration and ethnicity, belief and identity, theology and confession, institutional arrangements, gender, religious practice and piety.
Ministry of Word and Sacrament, LSFT 1501
This course is designed to introduce prospective church leaders to the basic materials and perspectives that are needed to understand, shape, prepare, and lead public worship in contemporary “American” Lutheran contexts. Particular attention will be given to the recently published Evangelical Lutheran Worship, especially the services of Holy Communion and Holy Baptism.