David Balch—Teaching

Paul, NT 2500
An examination of Paul’s life, letters, and theology, as well as of the deutero-Pauline letters and theology. Debated today are Paul’s relationship to contemporary Judaisms, whether justification by faith is the center of his theology, his attitude to women’s leadership in the congregations, whether Paul advised slaves to remain in their “call,” his relationship to Roman imperialism, and how the deutero-Pauline epistles interpret Paul’s theology and ecclesiology. The course includes practicing exegesis as well as increasing awareness of Jewish and Greco-Roman culture, religion, and society, including the houses in which Pauline congregations worshipped.
Gospels, NT 1075
A study of the four canonical gospels, their sources, relationships between the books, their use for studying the historical Jesus, the function especially of John as a source of Jesus mysticism, the cultural/religious context of early Judaisms, including Jewish wisdom and practice, the political context of Roman imperialism, with some emphasis on Lutheran/Protestant and Catholic exegesis and interpretation.