Benefits for Students

Students benefit directly and indirectly from your gifts to PLTS. Some gifts go toward student scholarships (or grant-in-aid) that helps reduce student debt. (A gift of $10,200 would pay for tuition for one student for one year.) Providing faculty and students with state-of-the art equipment allows our students who are growing up savvy about the technological world to be trained in ways that make sense for them and for the congregations they will serve. Students benefit when our faculty have excellent resources to teach a multitude of subjects including Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, Confessions, Pastoral Care, Preaching, and Church Administration. Other gifts help keep the seminary running by helping maintain the buildings and grounds.

Having adequate space means improved learning conditions. Your gift could make a difference in keeping the faculty-to-student ratio at an appropriate level for theological education and spiritual formation. Make a gift now.