Board of Directors

PLTS is governed by a Board of Directors composed of 25 people, some of whom are elected from each synod in ELCA Regions I and II, and some of whom are appointed by the Churchwide Vocation & Education Unit. All board members serve 6-year terms, renewable once. Efforts are made to build board equity and diversity around gender, ethnicity and lay and rostered persons.

The board generally meets in 3-day sessions twice a year. Board meetings are almost always held on campus and are open to all staff and students, except for brief “executive sessions” that may be held to consider confidential personnel matters.

The board functions throughout the year with numerous standing and special committees, appointed by the Board Chair in consultation with other board members and the seminary president. It is a PLTS tradition that all board standing committees include seminary staff and students, as well as frequent outside friends and associates of the seminary.

Current Members of the Board of Directors

Mr. Brad Berg   Northwest Washington Synod

Mrs. Twila Burdick, Vice Chair   Grand Canyon Synod

Mr. James Carlson   Vocation and Education Unit

Mrs. Mary Carlson, Treasurer   Vocation and Education Unit

Kathleen Elliott Chillison  Southwest California Synod

Doug Cook   Rocky Mountain Synod

Mrs. Kathy Dean   Sierra Pacific Synod

Rev. Ruben Duran   Vocation and Education Unit

Greg Egertson   Sierra Pacific Synod

Pastor Frank Espegren   Sierra Pacific Synod

Bishop Murray Finck   Pacifica Synod

David Knapp   Oregon Synod

Rev. John Lund   Montana Synod

Ms. Beverly Masini   Southwest Washington Synod

Ms. Carol McDivitt   Rocky Mountain Synod

David Nagler   Pacifica Synod

Ms. Debra Papageorge   Southwest California Synod

Rev. Lisa Smith Fiegel   Alaska Synod

The Hon. Evan Sperline, Secretary   Eastern Washington Idaho

Bishop Steve Talmage, Chair   Grand Canyon Synod

Dr. Paul Tillquist   Vocation and Education Unit

Bishop Brian Kirby Unti   Northwest Washington Synod