Bradley B. Burroughs—Teaching

CE-2065: Introduction to Christian Ethics
This course introduces the field of Christian ethics by (1) studying major theoretical approaches, in particular focusing upon Anglican and Lutheran conceptions, and (2) exploring how Christians might address contemporary ethical issues. The course thus aims to advance students' historical and theoretical knowledge but to do so in a way that provides resources for contemporary moral decision-making and pastoral leadership.

CERS-3152: Christianity and Political Ethics
This course will examine a number of the key issues that have shaped Christianity and its understanding of the character and proper function of political life. Among the questions we will investigate are: What is the meaning of "politics"? What is the basis of the state, what is its nature, and what is its rightful purview? How are the church and state to relate to one another? And under what, if any, circumstances should Christians deem violence to be morally permissible?