Contact Us—Faculty

  • Phyllis Anderson
    Office of the President
    (510) 559-2710
  • Michael Aune
    Professor of Liturgical and Historical Studies
    GTU Core Doctoral Faculty—Liturgical Studies
    (510) 559-2760
  • David Balch
    Professor of New Testament
    GTU Core Doctoral Faculty—Biblical Studies
    (510) 204-2725
  • Brad Burroughs
    Assistant Professor of Ethics
    Office located at Church Divinity School of the Pacific
    (510) 559-0730
  • Steed V. Davidson
    Associate Professor of Old Testament
    GTU Core Doctoral Faculty—Biblical Studies
    (510) 559-2751
  • Kathleen S. Hurty
    Teaching Fellow—Leadership Studies
    (510) 465-3301
  • Carol Jacobson
    Associate Professor of Practical Theology: Youth and Family Ministries
    Director, Life Together: Theological Programs for High School Youth
    (510) 559-2762
  • Gary Pence
    Lecturer in Greek
  • Moses Penumaka
    Director of TEEM
    (510) 559-2728
  • Ted Peters
    Distinguished Research Professor of Systematic Theology
    GTU Core Doctoral Faculty—Systematic and Philosophical Theology
    Co-Editor, Theology and Science
    Director, Institute for Theology and Ethics
    (510) 559-2734
  • Tom Rogers
    Professor of Homiletics
    GTU Core Doctoral Faculty
    (510) 559-2722
  • Kyle Schiefelbein
    Lecturer in Liturgical and Theological Studies
    Coordinator of Online Education
    (510) 559-2754
  • Jane Elizabeth Strohl
    Professor of Reformation History and Theology
    First Lutheran, Los Angeles/Southwest California Synod Chair in Reformation Theology and History
    GTU Core Doctoral Faculty—History
    (510) 559- 2720
  • Jarmo Tarkki
    Teaching Fellow, Philosophical Theology
  • Alicia Vargas
    Academic Dean
    Associate Professor of Multicultural and Contextual Studies
    (510) 559-2736
  • Leslie Veen
    Director of Contextual Education
    (510) 559-2749
  • Susan E. Walima
    Teaching Fellow, History of Religions
    Folklore, Interdisciplinary Studies, Organizational Health
    (415) 516-7103