Carol Jacobson—Projects

Work with the Lutheran Church of Rwanda, Bishop Mugabo, and Gerard Muvunyi continues in establishing the Lutheran Church of Rwanda Bible College.  Now that a dormitory building is available (a congregation in LCR built it brick by brick with financial support from the Sierra Pacific Synod “Rwanda Connection”, classes have begun.   A first class has graduated, 4 who wish to pursue pastoral ministry and 10 who have been identified as evangelists by their congregations. 

Via Skype I provide some leadership in terms of what kinds of topics would be worth covering as the program evolves, as well as to encourage the development of a partnership/satellite “campus’ of Tumaini/Makumira in Kirehe – where the dormitory is, or Kigali – the capital city.  Also in the works is a possible partnership with Bishop McAllister Anglican Seminary, Kyogera, Uganda.

Presently LCR Bible College is a two-year process and includes instruction (older pastors and the bishop) in Bible, Church History, Lutheran Theology in Rwandan Context, Preaching, Teaching, Youth Ministry, Evangelism, and Pastoral Care.