Ted Peters—Projects

Two projects are on the horizon of research and writing. The first, “From Cells to Souls,” will take up the question of the integrity of the human soul in light of the challenge of deterministic thinking in the biological sciences. Genetics, genomics, neuroscience, and nano-technology are areas that appear to be deterministic—that is, they appear to reduce human mental and cognitive and emotional life to its biological substrate. Just how should we understand the human soul in this scientific climate? This research will be pursued in partnership with molecular biologist, Martinez Hewlett.

The longer range and more ambitious project will be a commentary on Genesis 1-5. In addition to exegesis, this commentary will pause at points to assess the relevance of current science to the interpretation of the text. The relevant sciences include: Big Bang cosmology, evolutionary biology, genomics, genetics, the biological propensity toward sin and violent behavior, neuroscience, and such. When it comes to formulating a Christian understanding of the natural world and human nature, biblical interpretation should take into account the contemporary worldview imbued by the scientific worldview.