PLTS Profiles – Donors

Brian Stein-Webber, Graduate

I am closely connected to PLTS at head, shoulder and heart. I was privileged to study there in the early 80s, receiving an excellent training for ordained ministry. I worked there in the late ’90s, in admissions and development, and absolutely loved breathing the same air as staff, faculty, students and members of the board. And throughout all those years, I retain a great affection for the place and its mission.

I can tell you that PLTS has always primarily sought to find ways of applying our precious Lutheran/Christian heritage to the modern situation. Biblical scholars, pastoral counselors, church historians, systematic theologians and liturgists have now formed generations of church leaders who are serving God and making a difference. I know lots of them!

We need PLTS to be as strong as it can be! Our seminaries need to be a place where students do not have to go into serious debt to be trained for ministry and where faculty and staff salaries are equitable. The classrooms and beautiful campus at PLTS need to be well-tended. You and I need this whole enterprise to be a healthy training ground for equipping church leaders. The future of church ministry depends upon it.