Flexible Life: First Year of M.Div. Online

What is it?

  • Begin PLTS M.Div. coursework online.* Courses are taught by regular residential faculty and populated by both dispersed and on campus students.
  • Full-time online students will have four courses in the fall semester, one course during intersession, and four courses in the spring semester.
  • Those desiring part-time study can spread “first year” over multiple years.
  • After completing the online year, students move to Berkeley for two years of residency, a variety of required and elective courses are offered at PLTS as well as at the GTU.
  • Upon completion of three years of coursework, the program is completed with a fourth year internship which includes intentional reflection opportunities.**

For whom is it designed?

  • Students with family commitments.
  • Second-, third-, fourth-career students who would like to remain in their current jobs during the first year(s) of seminary.
  • Students wishing to save on cost-of-living expenses.
  • Students graduating from college early wishing to begin seminary in advance of an upcoming academic year.

Program Details (PDF)

* Students wishing to spend three years on campus (“Full Residence”) will have the online courses spread throughout the entire three years.
** Fourth-year internship requires synod candidacy committee approval.  Third-year internships will be accommodated.