Thomas G. Rogers—Teaching

Biblical Preaching, HM-2525
This course uses lecture/discussion to explore strategies regarding sermon content, design, and delivery. Each student prepares sermons and preaches them in class. Through a full and committed participation in this course students should:
  • Know the PURPOSE of preaching, consistent with their understanding and experience of the Christian faith through the lenses of Lutheran Identity, Multiculturalism, Public Sphere, and Religious Pluralism.
  • Analyze the RELATIONSHIP between God, the preacher, and the hearer in preaching.
  • Gain some EXPERIENCE by preparing two sermons and preaching each one (first to their preaching partner and then to the class and professor).
  • Learn the ABCs of sermon invention, design and delivery (i.e., possible steps and strategies)
  • Look to CONTINUING self-evaluation and improvement beyond the parameters of this course, realizing that development as a communicator is a life-long process.
  • Embrace the HOPE that God does answer the preacher’s prayer–that out of an overwhelmingly complex process can come a clear hearing of Good News.
  • Evaluation is based on written assignments, sermon preparation, and sermon delivery. Pass/Fail only. Required for PLTS M.Div. students prior to internship.
Public Ministry I: Needs and Assessment, FT-2533
This course uses lecture and discussion to explore how various management skills and leadership skills may support effective professional ministry in a parish setting. Students also examine the realities and resources present in ELCA ministry settings. Individual topics covered include:
  • Roles of Pastors and Congregations
  • Teambuilding and Motivation
  • Management Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Fundamental Elements of Communication
  • Listening and Giving Feedback
  • Time/Priority Mangagement
  • Structuring Meetings (Agendas/Rules)
  • Evangelism
  • Natural Church Development
  • Dynamics of Stress
  • Cash Control
  • Financial Statements
  • Employee vs. Self-employed Status in Congregations
  • Federal/State reporting
  • Financial Reviews (Audits)
  • ELCA as the Institutional Context for Ministry
  • Church Governance (Polity)
  • ELCA Constitution
  • Introducing and Moving Through Change
  • Professional Ethics
  • Boundaries for Ministers
  • Stewardship
  • Church Boards as Spiritual Leaders
  • Managing Conflict
Required for PLTS M.Div. students prior to internship.