Sabbatical Program

Professional Ministers of any denomination who have been granted a Sabbatical Leave may seek to use that time for renewal, re-energizing, and re-tooling. Those who hold the MDiv degree or another professional degree in ministry and who wish to engage in a significant program of continuing education without seeking a degree may enroll in the PLTS Sabbatical Program.

The 17-member Graduate Theological Union is a fascinating context in which to engage in ecumenical and interfaith theological dialogue. PLTS’s retreat-like campus and the richness of Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay Area are the perfect setting for you (and your family) to rejuvenate for the next stage in ministry.

The Certificate of Advanced Theological Studies is awarded to regularly-admitted students who complete an individually-designed program of study, including at least six three-unit courses at PLTS with a grade point average of C (2.0) or better. Four 1.5-unit courses of the GTU Cooperative Summer Session may also be credited, so that students may earn the certificate by combining four weeks of summer study with one semester of full-time study in residence at PLTS.

Students with MDiv degrees from non-Lutheran institutions who enroll in PLTS to fulfill the ELCA ordination requirement of a year in residency at a Lutheran seminary are also eligible for the Certificate of Advanced Theological Studies.

Information about this program is available in the PLTS Student Handbook.

Standards for Admission

  1. Applicants to the Certificate of Theological Studies program are expected to hold a Master’s degree from a regionally accredited university or seminary and have been engaged in professional ministry.
  2. Non-native speakers of English who have not completed a degree in the US, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Australia or New Zealand may substitute the TOEFL examination and the Test of Written English for the Graduate Record Examination. Evidence of financial resources to provide for expenses must also be provided.