Kyle Schiefelbein—Projects

I am currently working on two main projects.  The first is organizing our new Flexible Life M.Div., where students can take the first year of coursework completely online.  Click here to find out more.

The second is finishing my dissertation, which is about the reforms of the American Lutheran rites for healing.  I hope to demonstrate that the revised American Lutheran rite for the pastoral care of the sick contained in Evangelical Lutheran Worship, as influenced by the so-called ecumenical liturgical renewal movement and its appropriation of the framework of rites of passage, has replaced an historic Lutheran emphasis on confession of sin and absolution as the primary model of restoring God’s relationship with humankind.  I will argue that this theological shift – from sin to brokenness – is changing the understanding of what both rites accomplish along with the understanding of God and the human person and, hence, has implications for the very proclamation of the gospel.