Kyle Schiefelbein—Teaching

HS-8122: Living Tradition Online
An online introduction to theology and ministry in the Lutheran context with special attention given to Martin Luther's life and basic theological writings, the subsequent influences of Orthodoxy and Pietism, the Neo-Lutheranism(s) of the 19th century, and the Luther Renaissances of the 20th and 21st centuries. The course is
also intended to assist students with their work in core courses that deal with questions of Lutheran identity and mission and for contextualized theological reflection.

LSFT-2200: Life Passages and Occasional Services
This course continues the work done in Ministry of Word and Sacrament by focusing on the other liturgical rites included in Evangelical Lutheran Worship, including "life passages" (marriage, healing, funeral), rites related to baptism (preparation, affirmation, confession and forgiveness), and the "occasional services" (installations, blessings). Lectures and discussion focus on the historical and theological background of these rites, and their implications for pastoral care.

TMHS-1000: Early and Medieval Church History
This course will trace the history of Christian communities from their inception through the late medieval period.  Special attention will be paid to the key people and movements of this period. This course is for students enrolled in PLTS’s Theological Education for Emerging Ministries (TEEM) program.

FT-8227: Reading Congregations (teaching associate)
LS-2140: Ministry of Word and Sacrament (teaching assistant)
HS-2012: “American” Lutheranism (teaching assistant)
HSST-2902: Lutheran Confessional Writings (teaching assistant)