Martha Stortz—Teaching

Introduction to Christian Ethics, CE 1053
The course provides a basic introduction to ethics, focusing on the following questions: What is ethics? What is theological ethics? How have various worshipping communions configured themselves as communities of moral discourse? Lecture, discussion, and presentation of case studies. Requirements: Class presentation and three short papers. Meets ethics requirements for PLTS MDiv students not taking CE 1060 and PLTS MTS students not taking FT 2201, FT 2203, or CE 1060. [30 max enrollment]
Introduction to Christian History: Ancient to Late Medieval, HS 1102
This course will trace the history of Christian communities from their inception through the late medieval period. Emphasis on close reading of primary texts and issues of power, authority, the nature of discipleship, and the social and political contexts of Christian witness. Lecture/discussion; four 3-5 page papers and either a written take-home or oral final exam. [Required for PLTS MTS and MCM students not taking HS 1112 or HS 2012; 30 max enrollment]
Hearing Call, FT1040
Exploration, in a small group setting, of one’s own “call to ministry” with reference to the understandings and expectations of the specific ministries of the church and the MDiv curriculum of the Seminary. Required for entering first-year PLTS MDiv students. [Auditors excluded]