Jane Strohl—Teaching

History of Christianity II, HSST-1112
This course will concentrate on the 16th-century reformations and then explore selected developments in the following centuries chosen for their importance in understanding the development of theology and of church life. It will emphasize the close reading of primary texts and focus on the following issues: the nature of the church, the basis for truth claims, and the social and political contexts of Christian witness.
Lutheran Confessional Writings, HSS-2902
This course will include a reading of the Book of Concord and selected secondary sources. The class will consist of lecture and discussion. It has the following objectives:
  • to know the historical situation in which the Lutheran Confessions were written;
  • to understand the Lutheran Confessions’ witness to the Gospel;
  • to see how the Lutheran Confessions may function to inform the proclamation of the Gospel today.