Student Association

The PLTS Student Association seeks to lift up the interests and concerns of all PLTS seminarians; to encourage the full participation of seminarians in the PLTS community; and to affirm the diversity of the Seminarian Body as it enriches the ministry of this institution.

Standing Committees
The SA has three Standing Committees: Lutherans in the Public Sphere (LIPS), Seminarian Educational Advocacy Council (SEAC), and the Community Life Committee. Standing Committees are formed to address the ongoing needs of the PLTS community and to facilitate seminarian, faculty, and seminary activities. All seminarians are encouraged to get involved in the work of the committees and to watch for upcoming events.

a.  Lutherans in the Public Sphere (LIPS) - LIPS is dedicated to providing opportunities for PLTS seminarians, faculty and staff to live out their Lutheran identity in the greater public sphere. LIPS’ purpose is to provide opportunities for individuals in the PLTS community to be responsibly engaged world citizens through critical discussions of current events, social justice and ethically minded events, and community service.

LIPS chooses the recipient of the Wednesday Chapel offerings—usually changed monthly.  Past recipients include: YEAH (a local youth assistance shelter), Bread for the World, Lutheran World Relief, and San Francisco Women Against Rape.

b.  Seminarian Educational Advocacy Council (SEAC) - SEAC is dedicated to voicing seminarians’ academic interests and concerns through conversation and cooperation with the PLTS Student Association, the Faculty Academic Committee, the full PLTS faculty, and the greater PLTS administration. SEAC shall serve as a place for seminarians to safely discuss academic life at PLTS and to better the PLTS academic community through appropriate initiatives.

c.  Community Life Committee - The Seminarian Community Life Committee shall encourage, advocate for, and assist in the development of activities, programs, and events which help to foster a healthy, happy, and holistic PLTS Community. The Community Life Committee shall consist primarily of representatives from seminarian groups/clubs for the purpose of coordinating and supporting the events and programming of each group/club.