Summer 2014: Save the Date

Enjoy a Week of Renewal at PLTS

June 23-27, 2014

A wonderfully non-stressful, yet deeply stimulating opportunity to engage with colleagues and professors, both known and new, in a fabulous setting.  I highly recommend it." - Peg Schultz-Akerson 

You are invited to a week of renewal of classes, worship, stimulating conversation and restorative time in the company of old and new colleagues in ministry and lay people interested in theology in the wonderful setting between the Bay and Tilden Park. The Week of Renewal at PLTS offers stimulating classes in the morning and afternoon and much, much more, including:

  • Daily worship
  • Continental breakfast each day
  • Walking or golfing in Tilden Park
  • Baseball, opera, the symphony and all other benefits of San Francisco by BART
  • Conversations with old friends and new

Four Outstanding Classes

  • Ted Peters, “Justifying Faith: The Fragile Soul, Moral Injury, and the Life of Beatitude”
  • Martha Stortz, “Discipleship in the Key of John”
  • Victor Thasiah, “New Challenges in Lutheran Ethics” CANCELED
  • Karen Bloomquist, “Seeing, Remembering, Connecting: Beyond Church Survival”

Daily Schedule

  • 8-8:45 am—Continental Breakfast outside the chapel
  • 8:45-9:15 am—Morning Prayer
  • 9:30-12:30—Morning Classes in Giesy 1 and the Great Hall  
  • 1:45-4:45—Afternoon Classes in Giesy 1  

Special Events

  • Tuesday Evening Lecture—Herbert Anderson, "The Divine Art of Dying"

Praise for Week of Renewal

"From the moment you are welcomed to the hilltop home of PLTS in the Berkeley Hills overlooking the San Francisco Bay until the moment you are wished Godspeed as you take your leave, you will be nourished, renewed, and blessed by insightful lectures, deep conversations, refreshing worship, spectacular views, and amazing hospitality.  The Week of Renewal is an invitation to engage theology with experiencing hospitality.  It excelled at both." Adrianne Heskin

"Come to experience current scholarship, engaging teachers, practical discussion, lively company, warm hospitality, wonderful cultural events, and interesting weather."  Brian Stein-Webber

"A great opportunity to learn in depth from excellent presenters and discuss with other attendees and give support and encouragement to each other.  A wonderful place for continuing education and renewal."  Laurel Alexander

"I live in an area where there are a number of theological schools, but I traveled across the country for this Week of Renewal because it was the best stuff around."  Susan Henry

"This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with colleagues, to slow down and take stock of one’s life and ministry and to have to gift of time to study theology.  It is also an opportunity to sing beautiful four-part harmony in the chapel, laugh with friends, and eat chocolate in class." Kathryn Gulbranson

“A pleasant, stimulating week of worship, fellowship, study, and relaxation.  Good for the body, soul, and spirit.”  Kevin Ruffcorn

“Berkeley, rich coffee, a view to die for,  and theology to boot.  What more can you want?”  John D. Kautz

“This is the best continuing education experience I’ve had in years.  Good friends, great food and drink, worship that deeply moved me, stimulating classes plus the amenities, hospitality, and ambiance of the Bay Area.” John Rosenberg

“Thanks for offering a ‘Week of Renewal’ as a place for worship, learning, rest, and community.  I am returning to my home and congregation with new ideas, restored energy, and a wider circle of friends.”  Kari Sansgaard

“Week of Renewal is just that!”   Sigi Helgeson

Course Descriptions

Mornings  9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Justifying Faith: The Fragile Soul, Moral Injury, and the Life of Beatitude
Ted Peters, Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology and Ethics at PLTS and the GTU 

As we approach October 31, 2017 and the 500th Anniversary of the posting of Martin Luther's 95 Theses, this class will re-examine the doctrine of justification by faith yield a liberating transformation, a free and joyous investment in love for oneself and for one's neighbor? How can faith in a trustworthy God make our life better?


New Challenges in Lutheran Ethics
Victor Thasiah, Assistant Professor of Religion, California Lutheran University

New possibilities and challenges – ethical, political, economic, and ecological – demand new thinking and action. How is Lutheran ethics responding? Come, see, and discuss new ways of thought and practice concerning justice, resistance, and reformation.

Discipleship in the Key of John
Martha E. Stortz, Bernhard M. Christensen Professor for Religion and Vocation Augsburg College

The gospel of John makes an argument about discipleship.   The account begins, not with a birth narrative, but a story of creation; it ends, not with the Last Supper, but with a First Breakfast.  In between are some of the most vivid encounters with some of the most unlikely people.   John's Jesus leads by asking questions: What are some of Jesus' questions -- and how do they address us still?

Afternoons 1:45p.m.- 4:45 p.m.

Seeing, Remembering, Connecting: Beyond Church Survival
Karen L Bloomquist, Dean and Chief Administrative Officer, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary

This class will consider crucial shifts needed for ministry and mission of our congregations. How might the ordinary verbs “seeing, remembering, and connecting” also become important faith practices through which God transforms our lives, congregations and communities?


Tuition for One Class: $275

Tuition for Two Classes: $400


PLTS Dorm: $30 per night

CDSP Dorm w/shared bath: $71 Gibb Hall per night (1 twin, 1 double, or 2 double)

Contact (phone: 510-559-2731) to register or submit any questions.

This promises to be a rich week for learning, prayer, conversation, and rest. We hope you will join us!