Alicia Vargas—Teaching

Ministry Across Cultures
A study of the multicultural context of the United States of America and the call and mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in that context. The course focuses on “stories” that help us:
  • Gain increased awareness of our own diverse cultural values and pieties.
  • Discuss the intersection of ethnicity/race and social class, and its repercussions for ministry.
  • Reflect theologically guided by Luther’s writings on our role as church leaders in a multicultural/multiclass society.
  • Explore ways of practicing anti-racism within our society and our church.
  • Discern specific issues impacting ministry with African Americans, Latinos and Asian Americans.
Public Ministry II: Congregation and Beyond
Focus of the course: Developing of healthy ministers and ministries for the healing of the world. With this focus in mind and heart, the course will seek to:
  • Provide a structured forum for students returning from field experiences to debrief with their colleagues their time as servant leaders in their ministries.
  • Explore ways Lutheran theology compels the church to engagement with the public sphere.
  • Familiarize students with some of the ways the ELCA is serving in the public sphere.
  • Affirm and train ministers in their responsibility for healthy self and healthy ministries.