Reforming Together for the Future's Sake

Reformation is about renewal and change. Approaching the 500th year anniversary of the Reformation in 2017, we have a public momentum to explore, explain, and experience: what is the relevance and what is the promise of the reformation tradition for us here and now, and for our children tomorrow? Refo500 is an ecumenical, international platform that fosters such conversation and collaboration globally and locally.

For PLTS, being a Lutheran institution, Refo500 provides an inclusive and expansive network between individuals and institutions, church, academia and homes. It serves as an umbrella between different partners and programs and allows global information-sharing on the different ways of recognizing the anniversary and, even more importantly, building forward.

Pulling together resources, Refo500 members actively seek to learn from one another and to take stock on their own respective tradition from different angles - historically, theologically and religiously, as well as politically, socially and culturally. The aim is not to describe the past and defend the status quo but rather envision ways forward and meaningful across-the-board revitalization of one’s tradition.

For PLTS, in practice, this partnership brings new friends from all over the world and provides stimulus to support the seminary’s educational mission and strengthen its ecumenically responsible and denominationally faithful identity. Between 2010 and 2017, the following themes serve as fruitful focal points with different programs and initiatives: 1) Education and Learning, 2) Confession and Conflict, 3) Money and Power, 4) Doctrine and Church, 5) Living and Dying, 6) Art and Culture, 7) Freedom and Preaching.

A variety of opportunities are offered for members of the participating institutions: educational programs, collaborative publications, academic conferences, exhibits, scholarly exchanges, travel seminars, summer schools, and other educationally invigorating creative enterprises. A monthly newsletter keeps everybody in the loop.

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