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Where the wisdom of tradition is applied in the innovative context of the West Coast

Associated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary is the only Lutheran seminary in the western half of the United States. PLTS is a founding member of the Graduate Theological Union, a consortium of 19 seminaries and research centers in partnership with the University of California at Berkeley. The resulting context in which we work and study at PLTS is an interfaith and cross-cultural experience. Learn more

Out of the Fog, into God's World

Theological perspectives engaging the public issues of our day

Responding to a current crisis raging today, draw a theological insight to bear, for people to reflect on or use for preaching or discussion in a local setting.

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12 Reasons to Choose PLTS

A Broad Range of Learning Options
PLTS is one of 19 communities that form the Graduate Theological Union (GTU). All 1,300 GTU students are able to take courses at any these schools and some courses at the world-class UC Berkeley. The possibilities for individualized course design are almost limitless. Read more