Seminarians are expected to take courses as prescribed in the curricula which apply to their programs and classes upon entrance to PLTS. Seminarians must have prior permission for any variance. This permission is recorded on the ―Waiver, Substitution or Delay of Required Course form. It must be completed and submitted to the Office of the Dean before a seminarian can register for a substituted class. There is normally a limit of two special reading (independent study) courses during the seminary program. Exceptions to this policy are approved by the Academic Advisor in consultation with administration. The seminarian should also be cognizant of the fact that classes are scheduled with the prescribed course sequence in mind. Variance in the program often results in schedule conflicts. In the case of a schedule conflict, the regularly scheduled required course has priority.

Registration for all courses, required and elective, takes place under the direction of the GTU Common Registrar, at the time and place announced prior to each semester. The one exception is courses offered by UC Berkeley; registration for these courses is usually well in advance of GTU registration. Therefore, seminarians wishing to take such courses should make early inquiry regarding dates. A full-time degree seminarian may take one course per semester at the University at no charge.

Registration instructions from the GTU Common Registrar‘s Office and from the Associate Dean for Student Life are sent via e-mail to seminarians in advance of pre-registration and general registration for each term.

For course registration questions, please contact Daryl Fisher-Ogden, Assistant Registrar on the Cal Lutheran campus, at (805) 493-3113 or

Please note: Requests for admission to limited-enrollment classes may be submitted two or more weeks before classes begin.