booksTuition for a full-time student for one year is $22,460. The average annual financial need of a PLTS Seminarian is $42,934: tuition plus books, rent, food, and other living costs.

Why are Scholarship Funds needed for PLTS seminarians?

  • A high percentage of PLTS students have need for financial aid.
  • Annual scholarships provide the resources needed to continue to attract and graduate qualified students who are interested in PLTS.

Ways you can help support our seminary students:

  • Create a new Named Scholarship Fund.
  • Give to an existing Named Scholarship Fund or via the General Scholarship Fund.
  • Set up a Named Congregational Fund to Adopt-a-Seminarian (PDF).

Contact the PLTS Office of Seminary Relations at (510) 559-2735, (800) 235-7587, or