Advisory Board

PLTS is governed by the Board of Regents of California Lutheran University, who meets four times per year to evaluate, discuss, and impact positive change within the University to further its mission and strategic plan. The university is also led by the Convocation, which serves as link between the University, the Church and the greater community. It is made up of members of the five Synods of Region II of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, faculty, students, the University president, and members-at-large. The Convocation meets once annually, typically in the fall, to conduct official business and elect the University's Board of Regents.

PLTS has an Advisory Board composed of a maximum of 25 members, some of whom are elected from each synod in ELCA Regions I and II, and some of whom are appointed by the Churchwide Vocation & Education Unit. All board members serve 6-year terms, renewable once. Efforts are made to build board equity and diversity around gender, ethnicity and lay and rostered persons. The Advisory Board makes recommendations about PLTS to the leadership of California Lutheran University.

Current Members of the Advisory Board

  • Rick Rouse, Vice Chair   North Washington Synod (ELCA)
  • Rev. Anne Carlson   Sierra Pacific Synod (ELCA)
  • Kathleen Elliott Chillison  Southwest California Synod
  • Bishop Rick Jaech   S W Washington Synod
  • Greg Egertson   Sierra Pacific Synod
  • Cristina Beauchemin  Sierra Pacific Synod
  • Rev. Susan Halvor   Alaska Synod
  • Rev. Christine Higueria-Street   Rocky Mountain Synod
  • Rev. Christine Holler-Dinsmore   Montana Synod
  • David Knapp   Oregon Synod
  • David Nagler, Chair   Pacifica Synod
  • Larry D. Pihl   Northwest Washington Synod
  • Trevor Sandison   SW Washington Synod
  • J. Mateo Chavez   Grand Canyon Synod 
  • Jim Johnson  Eastern WA/Idaho Synod
  • Bishop James Gonia Rocky Mountain Synod
  • Melissa O'Keefe Reed Oregon Synod
  • Ruben Duran   Leadership for Mission Unit (ELCA)