Student Life and Services

A variety of academic and social experiences are available through events, activities, and opportunities for community involvement. Student services such as housing, safety and wellness, and personal wellbeing ensure individual student needs are attended to throughout your experience at PLTS.   

Student EventsApartment Kitchen

A lively academic, social, and spiritual life characterizes the PLTS community. The Hub Calendar is the place to go for program reminders, leadership meetings, social events, spiritual practice gatherings, and more.

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Student Association

The PLTS Student Association plays an integral role in student life, community-building, and seminary development. Through participation in several teams and committees, students provide leadership within the entire PLTS community.

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Garden ClubStudent Clubs

The PLTS Student Association funds student clubs. Among our active clubs are:

  • Garden Club - assists in developing and maintaining community garden opportunities
  • Creativity Club - focuses on participating in creative arts and crafts

Student Employment

Student employees are valued contributors to the PLTS team. Throughout the calendar year, PLTS posts a variety of student employment opportunities. Students are regularly updated about new opportunities and encouraged to apply for positions that interest them and for which they qualify.  In addition to on-campus employment, a variety of employment opportunities exist in the Berkeley area.

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