Why Choose PLTS?

  1. On the Cutting Edge of Theological Education

    Working in collaboration with a number of ELCA groups, we’ve designed a new curriculum to combine the resources of traditional Lutheran theology with the skills needed for ministry in God’s world today.

  2. A Strong Sense of Lutheran Identity

    PLTS was founded to meet the needs of Lutheran congregations of the Western U.S. While attentive to rapidly changing cultural settings, we have always been strongest when we remember that we exist to serve our churches in their mission.

  3. An Agile Institution

    Still a young seminary, PLTS retains an ability to adapt. Throughout our fifty-five year history, we have been able to fine-tune curriculum and community to meet the changing demands of today’s ministries.

  4. Our Student Body has Diverse Goals

    Our students are preparing for pastoral ministry, lay ministry, teaching professions, and/or spiritual renewal. This diversity within our community makes for a rich learning environment. We challenge each other, reflect together, and ensure that the learning process is rewarding and fun!

  5. A Broad Range of Learning Options

    PLTS is one of 19 communities that form the Graduate Theological Union (GTU). All 1,300 GTU students are able to take courses at any these schools and some courses at the world-class UC Berkeley. The possibilities for individualized course design are almost limitless.

  6. Our Ecumenical and Interfaith Learning Environment Prepares You for Ministry

    This ecumenical setting is an important training ground for those preparing for positions in church leadership. The variety of faith systems here will challenge and focus your beliefs so that you are better prepared to articulate your faith and converse with people of other faiths.

  7. Specialized Training for Contemporary Ministry

    We offer specialized training in youth and family ministry, cross-cultural ministry, and multi-cultural ministry, as well as the inherent training that comes from studying in the largest theological consortium of its kind in the world.

  8. The Library Resources are Almost Inexhaustible

    The GTU’s Flora Lamson Hewlett Library, housing the resources of all 17 institutions, is the most comprehensive theological library in the country and one of the best in the world. Combined with the U.C. Berkeley libraries, PLTS offers you incomparable resources.

  9. At the Center!

    Located in Berkeley, California, PLTS is situated close to everything: Berkeley is home to the free speech movement of seventies, vast world-class educational opportunities, easy access to the cosmopolitan city of San Francisco, and outdoor adventure on trails and beaches in all directions.

  10. A Supportive Community

    Our students quickly discover that they are part of a supportive community of faculty, staff, students, and alumni. You will enjoy a network of relationships helping you navigate and integrate your classroom work, contextual ministry experiences, and life of faith.

  11. Rich Social and Cultural Opportunities

    The San Francisco Bay Area offers unique social and cultural opportunities. Choose from the arts, music, dance, theater, cinema, cuisine, architecture, nature, history, and more. Spending your seminary years in a world-class city is guaranteed to broaden your horizons.

  12. Ethnic Diversity

    The United States is an ethnic and culturally diverse country, on its way to having no ethnic majority, no English speaking majority, and no religious majority. This is California today. Come study in the context where issues of diversity meet theology in practical reality.