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For a directory of student services and contact information, please visit Student Services.

Allen, AmyAdjunct FacultyPLTS Instruction
Allen, DonnaAdjunct FacultyPLTS Instruction
Astudillo, NeddyCoordinator, Spanish Language Track of Certificate in ClimatPLTS Dean's Office
(805) 493-REMOTE
Baglyos, PaulAdjunctPLTS Instruction
Barreto, EricAdjunctPLTS Instruction
Berg, SarahAssistant Director, Center for Climate Justice and FaithPLTS Instruction
(510) 559-2762
Bowers, DianeAdjunct FacultyPLTS Instruction
Braun, AdamAssistant ProfessorPLTS Instruction
(510) 559-2754
Briehl, SusanAdjunctPLTS Instruction
Churchill, SteveAdjunct FacultyPLTS Instruction
Disbro, JillanneDirector of AdmissionPLTS Admission
(510) 559-2738
Driver, CoryAdjunct FacultyPLTS Instruction
Duckworth, ChristopherAdjunct FacultyPLTS Instruction
Duran, RubenAdjunct FacultyPLTS Instruction
Gautney, EmmaAdmission and Residence Life CoordinatorPLTS Admission
(805) 493-2730
Goehner, DestaThriving Leadership Formation Program DirectorPLTS Seminary Relations
(510) 559-2702
Granquist, MarkAdjunct FacultyPLTS Instruction
Greig, AaronAccounting Technician IIPLTS Administration
(510) 559-2719
Grindberg, KatyDirector of Contextual EducationPLTS Contextual Education
(510) 559-2749
Groth, KaraPastoral CounselorPLTS Student Life
(510) 559-2765
Hannan, ShaunaProfessor At Pacific Lutheran Theological SeminaryPLTS Instruction
(510) 559-2720
Hartman, MatthewAdjunct FacultyPLTS Instruction
Johnson, JeffPastoral CounselorPLTS Student Life
(510) 559-2452
Kiekintveld, JoelAdjunct FacultyPLTS Instruction
Lange, DirkAdjunctPLTS TEEM
Marciales, KellyAdjunct FacultyPLTS Instruction
Matevia, MarilynAdjunct - InstructionPLTS Instruction
McCrary, CarolynAdjunctPLTS TEEM
Miller, MCCommunications and Events CoordinatorPLTS Instruction
(510) 559-2732
Moe-Lobeda, CynthiaProfessor At Pacific Lutheran Theological SeminaryPLTS Instruction
(510) 559-2751
Nelavala, SurekhaAdjunct - InstructionPLTS Instruction
Nelson, DerekAdjunct Faculty - Summer SemesterPLTS TEEM
Penumaka, Moses PaulSenior Lecturer & DirectorPLTS TEEM
(510) 559-2728
Peters, TheodoreAdjunct FacultyPLTS Instruction
Peterson, DanielAdjunct - NEPLTS TEEM
Rehwaldt, JeremyAdjunctPLTS Instruction
Roland, CarlaAdjunct FacultyPLTS Instruction
Rundman, JonathanAdjunctPLTS Instruction
Schade, LeahAdjunct - InstructionPLTS Instruction
Schiefelbein-Guerrero, KyleAdjunct - NEPLTS TEEM
Serrano, JeremyPastoral CounselorPLTS Instruction
Sherman-Conroy, KellyAdjunct - Non ExemptPLTS Instruction
Smith, DanielAdjunct FacultyPLTS Instruction
Sobocienski, MeghanAdjunct Faculty - Spring SemesterPLTS Instruction
Stjerna, KirsiProfessor At Pacific Lutheran Theological SeminaryPLTS Instruction
(510) 559-2760
Tororeiy, MaryAdjunct - NEPLTS TEEM
Tyler, TamishaAdjunct - NEPLTS TEEM
Vargas, AliciaDean of Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary of CLUPLTS Dean's Office
(510) 559-2736
Veen, LeslieAssociate Dean for Academic and Student AffairsPLTS Instruction
(510) 559-2737
Wallace, BeverlyAdjunct - NEPLTS TEEM
Wong, NaisaPastoral CounselorPLTS Student Life
(805) 493-2754
Service Personnel Phone Email
Academic Disputes Alicia Vargas (510) 559-2736 avargas@plts.edu
Administration Raymond Pickett (510) 559-2710 rpickett@plts.edu
Billing Questions Aaron Greig (510) 559-2719 agreig@plts.edu
Building Access Cards Brandon Peck (510) 559-2713 bpeck@plts.edu 
Business Office Holds Aaron Greig (510) 559-2719 agreig@plts.edu
Bookstore Brandon Peck (510) 559-2713 bpeck@plts.edu
Chapel  Sara Wilson (510) 559-2717  swilson@plts.edu
Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Katy Grindberg (510) 559-2749 kgrindberg@plts.edu
Counseling Referral Spiritual Care Team (510) 559-2754 pastoralcare@plts.edu 
Diaconal Ministry/Word & Service Leslie Veen (510) 559-2737 lveen@plts.edu
Disabilities Support Services Wendy Jimenez (805) 493-3464 dss@callutheran.edu
Email Issue ITS Help Desk (805) 493-3698 helpdesk@callutheran.edu
Emergencies PLTS Safety Team



(805) 493-3911

and then

(510-) 559-2737

Employment (Student) Ryan Akers (805) 493-3279  rakers@callutherran.edu
Financial Aid Questions Maria Freeberg (805) 493-3301  mfreeberg@callutheran.edu
Internet Issues ITS Help Desk (805) 493-3698 helpdesk@callutheran.edu
Internship Katy Grindberg (510) 559-2749 kgrindberg@plts.edu
Library Card Information Brandon Peck (510) 559-2713 bpeck@plts.edu
Library Holds Aaron Greig 510-559-2719 agreig@plts.edu
Mailbox and Mail  Welcome Desk (510) 559-2727 reception@plts.edu
Moodle Issue Moodle (510) 649-2510 moodle@gtu.edu
MyCLU Issue ITS Help Desk (805) 493-3698 helpdesk@callutheran.edu
Rent Payment Aaron Greig (510) 559-2719 agreig@plts.edu
Room Reservations Brandon Peck (510) 559-2713 bpeck@plts.edu
Spiritual Care Spiritual Care Team (510) 559-2754 pastoralcare@plts.edu 
Spiritual Direction Referral Spiritual Care Team (510) 559-2754 pastoralcare@plts.edu 
Student Association      sa@plts.edu 
Ministry in Context Katy Grindberg (510) 559-2749 kgrindberg@plts.edu
Technology Support ITS Help Desk (805) 493-3698 helpdesk@callutheran.edu
Time Entry Issue (Student) Christina Fabbro (805) 493-3961 cfabbro@callutheran.edu
Time Entry Issue (Staff) Adrian Olivera (805) 493-3187 olivera@callutheran.edu
Title IX Complaint  Leslie Veen (510) 559-2737 lveen@plts.edu
Tuition Payment Aaron Greig (510) 559-2719 agreig@plts.edu
WebAdvisor Issues ITS Help Desk (805) 493-3698 helpdesk@callutheran.edu
Writing Center (Thousand Oaks) Scott Chiu (805) 493-3257 writingcenter@callutheran.edu