Shauna K. Hannan

Shauna K. Hannan, Ph.D.

Professor of Homiletics

(510) 559-2720
2000 Center Street, Suite 200


The Rev. Dr. Shauna Hannan is Professor of Homiletics at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary (of California Lutheran University) and Core Doctoral Faculty of the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) in Berkeley, CA. Dr. Hannan received her Ph.D. in Practical Theology (Homiletics) from Princeton Theological Seminary. Her published work can be found in Word & World, Dialog, Currents in Theology and Mission, Journal of Lutheran Ethics and Ecumenical Trends. You can find her biblical commentaries for preachers on, in The Christian Century, New Proclamation and Sundays & Seasons. She is co-editor of Eco-Lutheranism: Lutheran Perspectives on Ecology. Dr. Hannan has been an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) since 1998. Currently, Dr. Hannan serves on the candidacy committee for Pacifica and Southwest CA Synods and is rostered in Rocky Mountain Synod of the ELCA. Hannan's book, The Peoples' Sermon: Preaching as a Ministry of the Whole Congregation will be released by Fortress Press in the Fall of 2021. She is currently researching and writing on how the craft of filmmaking (especially screenwriting) can serve the craft of preaching. 

Professional History

  • Professor of Homiletics, PLTS (2020-)
  • Associate Professor of Homiletics, PLTS (2014-2020)
  • Core Doctoral Faculty, GTU (2015-)
  • Assistant/Associate Professor of Homiletics, Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary (2008-2014)
  • Teaching Fellow in Preaching and Speech, Princeton Theological Seminary (2005-2008)
  • Associate Director of Admissions,Luther Seminary (2002-2004)
  • Associate Pastor, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Moorhead, MN (1998-2002)

Special Service

  • GTU Religion and Practice Department Chair
  • GTU Faculty Council
  • CLU Faculty Senate
  • CLU Graduate and Professional Education Committee Member
  • PLTS Academic Committee
  • Society for Biblical Literature Member
  • Lutheran Women in Theology and Religion Studies (LWTRS) Steering Committee Member
  • ELCA Co-operative Candidacy Committee (Pacifica and Southwest California) Member
  • Association of Teaching Theologians (ATT) Nominating Committee (formerly steering committee member and Chair)
  • PLTS Ethics, Old Testament, New Testament (Chair) Faculty Search Committee


  • Ph.D., Practical Theology (Homiletics), Princeton Theological Seminary
    Dissertation: “Lutheran Preachers and the Third Use of the Law: A Homiletical Approach to Overcome the Impasse”
  • M.Div., Luther Seminary
  • B.A., Spanish and Communications, Concordia College, Moorhead, MN


Teaching Interests

  • Homiletics
  • Biblical exegesis for preaching
  • Exegeting the context
  • Creative writing for the preacher
  • Preaching public issues
  • Preaching occasional services
  • Practical theology
  • Performance and preaching

Current Research Interests

  • Preaching as a ministry of the whole congregation
  • Theology and film
  • Preaching public issues
  • Teaching preaching in an ecumenical setting
  • The homiletical effect of preachers diversifying their dialogue partners
  • Theology and economic justice
  • Global homiletics textbooks


Publications (2004-present):



  • The Peoples’ Sermon: Preaching as a Ministry of the Whole Congregation. Fortress Press (Publication Date: Nov. 2021).  

Co-Authored Book:

  • Hannan, Shauna K., Nancy Claire Pittman, David B. Lott, Richard I. Pervo, S.D. Giere. New Proclamation, Series A, Easter through Christ the King. Edited by David B. Lott. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2011.

Edited Book:

  • and Karla Bohmbach, eds. Eco-Lutheranism: Lutheran Perspectives on Ecology. Minneapolis: Lutheran University Press, 2013.

Chapters/sections in Books:

  • Book Chapter in Festschrift for Gail Ramshaw, Conversations About Divine Mystery: Engagements with the Work of Gail Ramshaw, edited by Stephen Burns and HyeRan Kim-Cragg (forthcoming)
  • “The History of Lutheran Preaching.” In Preaching the Manifold Grace of God: Theologies of Preaching in Major Historical Theological Families, edited by Ronald Allen (Eugene: Wipf and StockFall 2021). 


     “Queering Exodus.” In Exodus as a Preaching Paradigm for Liberation, edited by Valerie Bridgeman (forthcoming).Contributor, Commentary “From a Scholar” on Ten Sundays of Lectionary Readings: Easter 1-7, Ascension, Pentecost. In Sundays and Seasons: Preaching, 2017, Year A. Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress, forthcoming.
  • Contributor, Commentary “From a Scholar” on Lectionary 15 and 16 Texts, Sundays and Seasons: Preaching, 2015, Year B (Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress, 2015), 201, 205.
  • “The Revised Common Lectionary: Help or Hindrance for Addressing Human Sexuality from the Pulpit.” In Papers of the Academy of Homiletics, 2013.
  • “Lutheran Preaching and the Third Use of the Law.” In Proclaiming the Gospel: Preaching for the Life of the Church, edited by Brian K. Peterson. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2009.
  • “Lowry’s Loop and the Third Use of the Law.” In Papers of the Academy of Homiletics, 2007.


  • “Pass the Mic: Expanding Pulpit Privilege” in Currents in Theology and Mission (July, 2020).

  • VLOG, “Dos and Don’ts of Recording Sermons, Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning (Fall 2019)


    Four-Part Series, “What Preachers Can Learn from Filmmakers,” Wabash Center for Teaching Learning (2019-2020)

    o   Nobody Goes to the Cinema to Read the Screenplay

    o   Impact Teams

    o   Big Picture Editing

    o   Medium and Close-Up Editing

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Grant Funding

Thrivent Fellows Program