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Letter from the Rector
Seminary Rockstar Influencers

Piece submitted to Above the Fog by Rev. Holly Johnson, Director of Admissions at PLTS

Unexpected 'Rightness' In and From Unexpected Places

Article submitted to Above the Fog by current PLTS student, Kathleen Lotz.

Wait for the Lord!

Piece submitted to Above the Fog by Rev. Dorothy Cottingham, MDiv '14.

Words from the Bishop - "I Give Thanks"

Written by Montana Synod Bishop Jessica Crist. Reprinted with permission from the Montana Synod Newsletter, November 18, 2015.

Recent Graduates and Their New Calls: Rev. Nikoli Falenschek

Maggie and I have been blessed to find calls within months of graduating from PLTS. We did not preference geographically on our assignment forms in the hopes that we might secure relational fits in communities that would complement our theology, leadership styles, and hopes for the church. 

Recent Graduates and Their New Calls: Rev. Maggie Falenschek

A year ago, if someone had told me that I would receive a first call before graduating, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. Again, if someone would have mentioned that both Nikoli and I would be serving congregations in central Illinois, we probably wouldn’t have believed that either! 

Rev. Terry Moe, 2015 Alum Award for Distinguished Ministry of Parish Pastor

Rev. Terry Moe was born in Prineville and raised in Eugene, Oregon.  He was baptized at United Lutheran Church there at the age of 11.  He found out that he liked confirmation, and Sunday School, and especially Camp Lutherwood, where he saw modeled the faith he was learning about.  

Rev. Kelly Denton-Borhaug, 2015 Alum Award for Distinguished Ministry in Special Service

Rev. Dr. Denton-Borhaug was born and raised in Glendale, where Pastor Bud Roufs of Salem Lutheran Church told her to consider becoming a pastor.  She notes the many others who also went to seminary from that congregation, including David Webb, Daniel Parr and Leanne Stubbs.  

Rev. Dr. Walter Stuhr, 2015 President's Alum Award

Walter Stuhr was born in Minnepolis, son of what was then called a clergy couple.  His family moved through St. Paul, Minn., Hartford, Waukesha and Portage, Wisconsin, until they heard the call of Dr. James Prince Beasom to come out West, to live in Alhambra.