Feature Stories

Introduction to New Admission Director

By Sara Schultz ’17, Director of Admission

A Gift to the PLTS Scholarship Fund

By Gary Andeen

Reflections on Spiritual Formation

By Ray Pickett, Rector

Letter from the Rector
Seminary Rockstar Influencers

Piece submitted to Above the Fog by Rev. Holly Johnson, Director of Admissions at PLTS

Unexpected 'Rightness' In and From Unexpected Places

Article submitted to Above the Fog by current PLTS student, Kathleen Lotz.

Wait for the Lord!

Piece submitted to Above the Fog by Rev. Dorothy Cottingham, MDiv '14.

Words from the Bishop - "I Give Thanks"

Written by Montana Synod Bishop Jessica Crist. Reprinted with permission from the Montana Synod Newsletter, November 18, 2015.

Recent Graduates and Their New Calls: Rev. Nikoli Falenschek

Maggie and I have been blessed to find calls within months of graduating from PLTS. We did not preference geographically on our assignment forms in the hopes that we might secure relational fits in communities that would complement our theology, leadership styles, and hopes for the church.