Prof. Luis Menendez-Antuna to join PLTS faculty

Prof. Menéndez-Antuña comes to PLTS from Vanderbilt University where he recently completed his doctoral dissertation under the direction of Dr. Fernando Segovia.  Prior to his doctoral studies, Menéndez-Antuña received a Master in Biblical Studies from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid, and a Master of Theology from the Universidad Pontificia in Salamanca, Spain.  He has also been a Fulbright scholar and received a Dissertation Fellowship from the Hispanic Theological Initiative and the Luce Foundation. 

Even at this early point in his career, Menéndez-Antuña has a number of published articles and book chapters on his academic interests.  Those revolve around Postcolonial, Critical Race and Queer Theories as well as Liberation Hermeneutics.  Prof. Menéndez-Antuña is bilingual in Spanish and English and has reading fluency in German, Portuguese, Biblical Greek, Hebrew and Latin.

Menéndez-Antuña also brings twelve years of activism and ministry experience.  He has worked in community organizing, HIV advocacy, homeless shelters, prison and with kids on the street.  Some of these areas of his ministry sprang from his involvement in Christian Base Communities inspired by Liberation Theology.

Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary of California Lutheran University is honored to welcome Prof. Menéndez-Antuña to our faculty. Special thanks go to the search committee for a job well done!

¡Bienvenido a PLTS, Profesor Luis Menéndez-Antuña!  


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