Emergency Operations Plan

A.  Immediate Actions

In the case of major earthquake, wildfire, or other campus emergency, an appointed officer will take charge.  The following order shall prevail, depending on who is on campus or who can get quickly to the campus:

  1. Rector or Dean
  2. Associate Dean 
  3. Director of Admission
  4. Associate Director of Seminary Relations
  5. Admission and Residence Life Coordinator

This officer will coordinate necessary measures depending on the nature of the emergency.  

B.  Fire, Wildfire, and Firestorm

If a fire, wildfire, or firestorm threatens the campus, seminarians should gather at the designated gathering place nearest them (the Beasom parking lot or the parking lot behind the Chapel) and report to the officer in charge in preparation to evacuate the campus and meet at the designated meeting place: 

The Delaware Apartments
1300 Delaware Street, Berkeley

C.  Major Earthquake

Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary has policies and procedures to deal with a major emergency or disaster affecting the campus and surrounding areas.  In most cases, Facilities and local community agencies respond to everyday emergencies.  In the event of an earthquake, the Seminary may need to activate the School Disaster Plan noted below, which will override normal administrative activities.

First ascertain your own and immediate family’s personal safety; if evacuation of buildings is necessary, seminarians, staff, faculty, guests and commuters should proceed to the designated Evacuation Site at the Founders’ Hall Fountain.

The disaster plan is located in the office of the Vice President of Finance and Operations (VPFO) on the first floor of Founders’ Hall.  The first few people to come to the Fountain should go directly to the VPFO’s office and get the binder marked EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PLAN.  Designate one responsible person to be the overall coordinator.  The overall coordinator’s file, if followed, will begin implementation of the plan.

A check-in table will be set up as quickly as possible.  Everyone should report to the attendance coordinator at the check–in table.   This is important so that everyone can be accounted for.  (It will not be necessary to call local police or the fire department as these agencies automatically go into a disaster mode, and they will contact School officials.)