Campus Safety

If a safety or emergency situation occurs, please follow these steps:

  1. Call 911

    Be prepared to give information to the 911 operator such as name(s), location, nature of emergency, etc.

  2. Call (805) 493-3911

    This is our 24-hour emergency number operated by our Cal Lutheran Campus Safety Office. State the nature of the emergency and ask the operator to contact members of the PLTS Safety Team.

    Campus Safety will notify members of the PLTS Safety Team who will follow up on the situation with you.

  3. If the situation occurs at The Overture Apartments 

    You or someone else should notify the Student Living Community Assistant (or designee) because PLTS Safety Team members may need to coordinate our initial response with the Student Living Community Assistant while we coordinate emergency services/care responses and make our way to the site if needed.

Never use email as a first or only means to reach out during a safety or emergency situation.

Once a safety or emergency situation is being or has been responded to, you can follow up with additional information, descriptions, requests, and concerns or file an incident report via email to the PLTS Safety Team or call 510-559-2766.

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