Ethnic and Racial Equity

PLTS is committed to addressing systemic racism and promoting pluralism and mutual understanding of identities and cultures among its students, staff, and faculty.  Guiding this commitment is our Coalition for Community Conversion and Care (C4).

PLTS is a participant in Safe Zone The Safe Zone Allies are a network of PLTS and Cal Lutheran faculty, staff and students who are supportive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexed, queer, and questioning (LGBTIQQ) students and underrepresented cultural/racial and religious groups.  Allies are individuals who are willing to provide a safe haven, a listening ear, and support for people on their campus from an underrepresented group. 

As a graduate school of California Lutheran University, students, staff, and faculty have access to university resources.

Students, staff, and faculty who identify as ethnic minorities and persons of color are encouraged to use the Community Groups process to create a group or groups for relationship-building, networking, support, accompaniment, and advocacy, depending on the interests and needs of those involved.

PLTS maintains a listing of local networks and communities in the Bay Area that are available to provide support, education, nourishment, and community for our students, staff, and faculty.