Care & Wellness

PLTS Community, Awareness, Accompaniment, Advocacy, Referral, Education, Support, and Safety (PLTS CARES)

Self-care is vital to leadership in congregational and related ministry settings.

PLTS CARES emphasizes a holistic, intersectional approach to care of the seminary and individual students through a network of support, advocacy, and referral services.  Through collaboration and coordination of resources, we seek to foster a vibrant and equitable community focused on the academic and personal success of students preparing for leadership in ministry settings. 

We encourage and assist students to develop and sustain habits of self-care from the outset of their program and to continue these habits in their future ministry settings.  These habits include, among others, arranging in advance a professional network to provide medical supports, mental health supports, spiritual direction and pastoral counseling, physical activity and movement, and academic and other accommodations

PLTS CARES is guided by a cross-divisional Wisdom Circle.  This team includes: