Life at PLTS

Students at chapelOur community is formed of learning, worship, service, and lively social gatherings. Chapel services, largely planned and led by students and faculty, and the weekly Wednesday Eucharist keep worship at the center of our life together. Lutheran worship styles throughout the US are reflected in worship at PLTS.

In addition to classroom work, M.Div and M.A. in Spirituality & Social Change students and faculty meet regularly in formation groups to integrate their classroom work, contextual ministry experiences, and life of faith. Each Wednesday, our community shares a meal in Ubuntu.


Student Association

Graduating Students

The PLTS Student Association plays an integral role in PLTS governance and policy-making. Through participation in several active committees (e.g., Community Life, Peace and Justice, and Curriculum), students provide leadership for the entire PLTS community. In addition, students participate in faculty and board committees such as Contextual Education, Recruitment, and Community Life.

Students are the leaders and the inspiration for service projects within and outside our community. Students take the lead in helping us to enjoy ourselves! The annual Advent Coffee House, First Friday Celebrations and Spring PLTS Follies are some of our favorites.

Rich Community Resources

The multicultural diversity of the GTU and the Bay Area environment is a part of the PLTS experience, informing course offerings and course content, class discussion and group interaction, and personal and professional relationships.

Our community is also fortunate to have a wonderful group of men and women who serve in staff positions at PLTS. These congenial and hardworking people, some with decades of service to PLTS, serve God and the future of the church by serving the needs of students, faculty, and administrators alike.