Signs Along the Way

Berkley Campus

Deciding whether seminary education is right for you?

Visit us for Signs Along the Way, a weekend visit and discernment retreat.

November 16-18, 2019

Berkeley, CA

Please join us at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary for our weekend campus visit and retreat.

  • Explore your sense of call to ministry
  • Experience the Bay Area and what it's like to live and study at PLTS
  • Interact with current students, faculty, and staff

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This event is offered at no cost to you, other than your transportation. Please speak with us if you would like additional financial assistance for airfare.

Your time will include class visits, conversations with key staff and students, discernment activities, and exploration of the Bay Area.

Contact Us

For further questions, contact the PLTS Office of Admission:
(510) 559-2730


Voices from Previous Visits

“I was struck by PLTS' views on community, academics, theology, and the church. In even such a brief time on campus… I was able to see that people here took our studies and formation seriously, and creatively. I knew that my experiences here and at the GTU would be rich.” - Amanda Nelson, PLTS 2014

“Not only were we encouraged to develop a community among those of us who where present for the visit weekend, but we were also welcomed into and allowed to experience the deep community among the students, faculty, and staff at the seminary.” - Tony Rhodes, PLTS 2014

“The visit helped me to rethink what I was doing, and brought me back to the desire that I had when I started on my journey to ordination.” - Prospective Student

How do I get there?

If you’re flying in, the closest airport is Oakland (OAK), but San Francisco also works. Both are served by Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART – The BART will get you within 1 block of campus. Be sure to send us your travel plans, and keep us posted.  If you will arrive by car, be prepared to pay for parking.  If you are walking or biking, bring a lot of water!

Can I bring a Significant Other?

Of course! Bring along people with whom you make decisions or who would be affected by your decision to go to seminary. Talk with us so that we can arrange appropriate housing for you and your + 1.

What about housing?

Accommodations are made at nearby hotels. 

I want to come, but I can’t afford it. Can you help?

Most of the weekend’s costs will be covered. If you need assistance with travel costs, talk with us and we will work with you.

Is it okay if I leave early?

We think the whole weekend is important, but we also understand you may be traveling long distances. Make the decision that is best for you.

Where is Berkeley, Anyway?

It is in the San Francisco Bay Area, a 20-minute BART ride from San Francisco.

Where is the seminary?

Located in the Center of downtown Berkeley; 2000 Center Street. 

I can’t come to this weekend, can I visit another time?

Absolutely. We regularly set up day-long or longer visits for prospective students. This weekend will have some added special features, but you are welcome to visit whenever class is in session. Just make sure to contact us at least two weeks before you hope to visit so that we can make arrangements for you. 

Can I arrange my own accommodations?

Yes, you can feel free to arrange and pay for your own housing if you’d like.

Why is it called “Signs Along the Way?”

Think of your life as a giant road trip. God is guiding you, with ‘signs’ that lead or nudge you in different directions at different points. This weekend will explore those moments in life when you’ve felt led or called by God, as "signs along the way."