Certificate of Theological Studies

The Certificate of Theological Studies (CTS) recognizes the completion of a minimum of one year of theological study (at least 12 credit hours per semester for 2 semesters) with a grade point average of C (2.0 or better) by students interested in furthering their theological education. At least three units of credit must be earned in each of the following areas: Bible, church history, systematic theology, and ethics or cross-cultural studies. The remainder of the student’s program is arranged to meet the student’s special interests and goals. Information about this program is available in the PLTS Student Handbook.

Due to new Federal regulations on Gainful Employment programs, students enrolled in this program are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid.

Standards for Admission

  1. Applicants to the Certificate of Theological Studies program are expected to hold a Bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, from a regionally accredited college or university.
  2. Non-native speakers of English who have not completed a degree in the US, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Australia or New Zealand may substitute the TOEFL examination and the Test of Written English for the Graduate Record Examination. Evidence of financial resources to provide for expenses must also be provided.