Certificate in Climate Justice and Faith

A program of empowering learning

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The inaugural cohort of the Certificate in Climate Justice and Faith graduated in spring 2022. Learn more about their experience and projects in the Center for Climate Justice and Faith's 2022 Yearbook. Visit our website at www.centerforclimatejusticeandfaith.org or our Facebook page for news and stories from our second cohort of students who will graduate in spring 2023. 

If you are interested in applying for the 2023-24 cohort, please sign-up for the "Wellspring" newsletter from the Center for Climate Justice and Faith to be notified when the application is open. 

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This certificate offers a cohort-based, online trans-continental curriculum which empowers participants to cultivate moral, spiritual, and practical power for leadership in the work of climate justice in communities of faith and in collaboration with others.  Topics covered include theology, ethics, and spirituality related to climate justice; climate change knowledge; and social change practices that connect ecological well-being with racial, economic, and gender justice. 

Anyone who is interested in learning about and acting on faith-based initiatives to engage in climate justice work within their context -- and who wants to explore spiritual grounding for that work -- will benefit from this highly accessible opportunity. This non-degree learning program is 100% online via Zoom and interactive digital learning platforms. We especially encourage applicants from populations most affected by climate change and from member churches of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF). A limited amount of tuition support is available.

This page is for the English-language certificate. For more information on the Certificate in Climate Justice and Faith - Spanish Language, please click this link.

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Community Organizing for Climate Justice as Faith Active in Love

Expectations of Participants:

  • Two-four hours of independent work per week for each 15-week semester.
  • Engagement in two hours of scheduled Zoom meetings with their cohort every month.
  • Participation and collaboration with local initiatives, congregations, and/or groups (especially by the Spring semester) to ensure context-based practice of the concepts discussed in the Fall semester.
  • Willingness to take on the work of climate justice as a spiritual practice within their spheres of influence.

Participants will be better prepared to:

  • lead congregations and other groups in developing or deepening climate justice work in their context.
  • practice climate justice work as a spiritual practice, and lead others in doing so.
  • recognize and address intersections of climate change with racial, economic, and gender-based inequity, and intersections of ecological well-being with racial, economic, and gender justice.
  • articulate biblical, ethical, theological, and spiritual grounding for climate justice.
  • articulate and employ a practical theo-ethical framework for building a more ecologically sustainable and socially equitable society.
  • access key resources of the scientific community related to climate change.
  • collaborate with interfaith and community partners on climate justice.
  • practice hope in the face of the climate crisis.


  • $600 for the entire program (optional resources from outside organizations may request contributions).
  • Scholarships of up to $550 are available based on need.

Learning Guides

From Lutheran World Federation: Department for Theology, Mission and Justice:
  • Rev. Dr. Chad Rimmer, Program Executive for Identity, Communion and Formation
  • Elena Cedillo, Program Executive for Climate Justice
From Lutherans Restoring Creation: