GTU Certificates

Once admitted, PLTS students are eligible to complete any of six specialized certificates offered by the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) in the following areas: Asian and Oceanic Cultures and Faith Traditions, Black Church/Africana Religious Studies, Islamic Studies, Jewish Studies, Orthodox Studies, and Women's Studies in Religion.

Certificate in Asian and Oceanic Cultures and Faith Traditions (AOCFT)*

Complete four courses and the one colloquium series. Goals of this certificate are to have an understanding of the presuppositions that support the thought and practice of at least two Asian/Oceanic cultural and faith traditions, their major doctrines, and practices, including their respective ritual cycles and expressive cultures. At end of the program the student will develop skills to engage meaningfully, care for, and minister to persons of different faiths and cultures.

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Certificate in Black Church/Africana Religious Studies*

Complete four courses and one colloquium series. This program provides a framework for the authentic and critical examination of African American Religion from the sixteenth century to the present. African American Religion includes a wide geographical area including West Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and North America of which the Black Church is only one expression.

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Certificate in Islamic Studies

Complete six courses in Islamic Studies, one of which may be devoted to a thesis. Two courses must be Introduction to Islam and Foundations and Sources of the Islamic Tradition (or their equivalents). The primary focus on the study of contemporary Islam within its theological, historical, and cultural contexts.

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Certificate in Jewish Studies

Complete six courses at the Center for Jewish Studies including Biblical/Medieval Jewish History or Modern/Contemporary Jewish History or Thought. helpful for professional advancement in the field of education or Jewish communal life. Completion of this certificate is helpful for professional advancem field of Jewish education or Jewish communal life.

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Certificate in Orthodox Studies

The certificate requires eight courses, totaling twenty-four units of graduate study, including the introductory courses, Orthodox Christian History and Theology and Orthodox Christian Spirituality. The institute's programs are designed to explore, enrich knowledge and understanding of this history and theology of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

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The Orthodox Institute

Certificate in Women's Studies in Religion*

Comlete Women's Studies in Religion Seminar which provides disciplinary perspectives and critical theories important to the study of women in religion and theology and four courses and six co-curricular units. Goal of thecertificate is to provide an academic emphasis on women's studies and religion to interested scholars.

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* Only available for students currently enrolled at the GTU and member schools.

Some certificates allow or require courses to be taken at the University of California Berkeley. Please contact the relevant center for the latest course offerings and requirements.