Active Transportation

For nearby locations to The Overture Apartments and the PLTS campus, many students choose to walk, wheel, or ride. 


The Overture apartments are 4 blocks (.4 miles) from PLTS and 5 blocks (.5 miles) to the Downtown Berkeley BART station.  The apartments are 12 blocks (.9 miles) to the GTU Library.  PLTS is  less than a block (.1 miles) to Downtown Berkeley BART and 10 blocks (.8 miles) to the GTU.

Berkeley is walking/wheeling friendly.  Sidewalks with ramps encompass most of the downtown area.

Berkeley and surrounding cities continue to expand and increase biking lanes and routes as part of initiatives to encourage biking.  

Bike Sharing
Bike sharing is available through the PLTS Student Association.  Several bikes are maintained and available for check out at The Overture Apartments. 

In addition to the PLTS bike sharing program, bike sharing options available in Downtown Berkeley and the Bay Area include:

Bike Storage
A bike cage is located in The Overture Apartments for storing bikes onsite.  Berkeley provides a variety of bike storage options.  The Center Street Garage parking complex across the street from the PLTS campus has bike storage. Bike storage is also available at select BART stations, including the Downtown Berkeley BART station. 

Be sure to follow laws and practice these bike safety tips.


Rental scooters from Bird and Lime are available in Oakland: