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 Spring 2018 PLTS Book List

CE 3080: Earth Ethics as Justic Ethics        File                  

CE 8210: Christian Ethics (online)                 File

ED 2020: Christian Education in the Parish             File

FT 1854: Spanish for Worship II              File

FT 2534: Church Leadership                  File

FT 4670: Public Ministry            File

HM 2525: Biblical Preaching             File

HS 9400: Freedom Theology with Martin Luther         File

HSST 9200: Lutheran Theology Hermeneutics            File

LS 1012B: Living Worship B             File

NT 1074: Greek II     File

NT 1075: Interpreting the Gospels            File

NT 8175: Introduction to the Gospels           File

OT 4244: Reading Isaiah             File



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