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Fall 2020

BS-1145 Introduction to Biblical Greek 

BS-8105 Introduction to Biblical Greek 

CE-1125 Christian Ethics:Radical Love

CE-8125 Christian Ethics: Radical Love

FT-1203 Academic and Theological Writing and Research 

FT-1145 Spanish for Worship 

HM-2245 Biblical Preaching: No Textbook required. All reading assignments are provided on the course Moodle in PDF format.

HSST-1126 Reading Xn Theo 

HSST-4224 Women & Reformation 

NT-2225 Paul: Ancient Contexts, Mod Consequences: No Textbook required. All articles are provided on the course Moodle. 

RSFT-8120 Reading Congregations in Context 

SP-1125 Foundations in Christian Spirituality 

ST-2225 Constructive Theology: No required textbook. All required readings/videos/etc are provided on the course Moodle set. 

STCE-4700 Public Systematic Theology

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