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Intersession January 2021 

HMRS-3000 Preaching Toward Social Transformation 

RSFT-1300 Faith-Based Social Transformation 

RSFT-9200 Evangelism



Spring 2021

CERS-4450 Climate Justice: Theology and Action in Relation 

ED-2225 Christian Faith Formation: Pedagogies and Practices No required textbooks- All required resources are available on moodle. 

HS-4450 Freedom Theology with Martin Luther 

HS-8190 Luther Theology 

NT-1002 Introduction to New Testament 

NT-8103 Introduction to New Testament 

PS-1145 Pastoral Care I

PS-1146 Pastoral Care II 

RSFT-1120/8119 Methods & Hermeneutics I No required textbooks- All required resources available on moodle. 

RSFT-1121/8121 Methods  & Hermeneutics II No required textbooks-All required resources available on moodle.

RSFT-2250 Ministry Across Cultures 

RSFT-8250 Ministry Across Cultures 




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