“The final step in the ELCA candidacy process is approval – a significant milestone in a candidate’s lifelong journey of discernment.  At this stage a candidacy committee, the seminary of enrollment (or affiliation), and the candidate are discerning readiness to serve as a rostered leader after successful completion of all academic and candidacy requirements.  Such discernment is the culmination of an extensive process that began prior to entrance as a period of preliminary discernment, continued at entrance with a mutual discernment of readiness for candidacy, became more focused at endorsement with a discernment of readiness to complete candidacy, and now reaches a point of mutual affirmation and celebration of readiness for service as a rostered leader.” 

For approval, each student writes an Approval Essay focused on demonstrating readiness for rostered ministry.  Before starting your essay, check with your synod candidacy committee to make sure that you are writing on the most current essay questions.