Conversations Along the Way

While in their course of studies or program, the student-candidate may need to meet with their advisor and synod candidacy representatives to discuss updates, areas of growth, and requirements.


Scheduling a Conversation
  1. Contact your synod candidacy representatives.  They will require you to sign an ELCA Consent to Release Student Information Form.  A completed and signed copy of this form must be sent to your synod candidacy committee and to the Associate Dean before scheduling arrangements can proceed.
  2. Contact your advisor and any other seminary leader who needs to be present.  They will need you to provide them with a completed and signed Scheduling Authorization before they can proceed with being part of a scheduling conversation.
  3. The day of the meeting, your advisor and any other seminary leader present will go over the Conversation Authorization with you.  You will need to complete and sign the Authorization and provide it to your advisor and another other seminary leader present before they can proceed with being a part of the conversation.
  4. After the meeting, copies of the Conversation Authorization must be made.  A copy will go to you, your advisor, any other seminary leader present, and the Associate Dean.
  5. Once any update is approved by your synod candidacy committee, you will receive a copy.  You will need to provide copies to your advisor to the Associate Dean.