Following approval, assignment to regions and synods occurs at churchwide assignment consultations arranged by the Congregational and Synodical Mission Unit.  The assignment of approved candidates is a complex process,  which seeks to  correlate the needs of the church with the gifts and situations of candidates.  Those who participate in the churchwide assignment consultation engage in prayer and thoughtful conversation when making assignment decisions.

The Associate Dean or another designated seminary official represents students in the assignment process.  To represent a student, the student must provide authorization:

  1. Contact your synod candidacy representatives.  They will require you to sign an ELCA Consent to Release Student Information Form.  A completed and signed copy of this form must be sent to your synod candidacy committee and to the Associate Dean before representation at assignment.
  2. Prior to assignment, you will need to provide the Associate Dean with a completed and signed Conversation Authorization before they can represent you in the assignment process.