Multicultural Programs

M.Div seminarians are required to have a cross-cultural experience.  Cross-cultural experience is a required and supervised emersion experience, done over three weeks in the January intersession during a seminarian’s second year, and after completing the Ministry Across Cultures class.  Through their participation in the day-to-day and worship lives of diverse congregations and communities, groups of 5 or more seminarians immerse themselves in specific sites, within African-American, Latino, Asian, Indigenous, and multicultural contexts, chosen by the professor of the course.  The cross-cultural experience is designed to encourage seminarian awareness and foster understanding of, and mutuality in, pastoral ministry in the multicultural, multiracial and multi-ethnic U.S. society.  Seminarians must complete the Ministry Across Cultures class prior to beginning the cross-cultural experience. Seminarians are not permitted to participate in any cross-cultural experience that conflicts with a PLTS academic semester.  The Cross-Cultural Experience course will have an administration fee, please contact the Director of Contextual Education for more information.  

The Coalition for Community Conversion and Care, also known as C-4, is a guiding coalition composed of board members, faculty, staff, graduates, and seminarians charged to work collaboratively to help PLTS boldly fulfill its commitment to prepare leaders who are dedicated to ethnic and cultural diversity. The coalition develops guiding principles and interactive programs that address institutional racism at PLTS and promote pluralism and mutual understanding of identities and cultures among its seminarians, faculty, staff, and board. C-4 was created in 2010 with the encouragement and approval of the board and is accountable to the board. C-4 normally meets monthly during the school year and minutes are distributed from the Dean’s Office.

Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary’s Community Covenant for Life Together

We are a community that works to build life together by embracing and valuing diversity of cultures, ideas, experiences, and identities. This endeavor requires that we:

  • Speak directly and compassionately/empathetically.
  • Listen with an openness to being transformed.
  • Cultivate space for dissent by:
    • Acknowledging that it’s OK to disagree
    • Using both/and thinking
    • Paying attention to intent and impact
  • Notice process and content.
  • Practice awareness of the power we all hold, consciously or unconsciously, in every situation.
  • Interrupt unjust uses of power when we see them, holding ourselves and others accountable by “calling out” from our own experiences and “calling in” through the wisdom of others and their experiences.

We commit to this covenant knowing that we are imperfect beings and, acknowledging that this endeavor is hard work. We may make missteps and hurt feelings yet we strive to live, learn, and work together out of these shared norms, trusting that we can move ever closer toward being a more just, equitable and loving community.

Adopted 1/26/2016