Community Guidelines

Community Covenant for Life Together

We are a community that works to build life together by embracing and valuing diversity of cultures, ideas, experiences, and identities. This endeavor requires that we:

  • Speak directly and compassionately/empathetically
  • Listen with an openness to being transformed
  • Cultivate space for dissent by
    • Acknowledging that it’s OK to disagree
    • Using both/and thinking
    • Paying attention to intent and impact
  • Notice process and content
  • Practice awareness of the power we all hold, consciously or unconsciously, in every situation.
  • Interrupt unjust uses of power when we see them, holding ourselves and others accountable by “calling out” from our own experiences and “calling in” through the wisdom of others and their experiences.

We commit to this covenant knowing that we are imperfect beings and, acknowledging that this endeavor is hard work. We may make missteps and hurt feelings yet we strive to live, learn, and work together out of these shared norms, trusting that we can move ever closer toward being a more just, equitable and loving community.