PLTS Community Groups

Community groups provide communal support space and networking opportunities for persons who identify with a particular community.

These groups are created and organized by student, staff, and/or faculty members of the PLTS community.  Each group is required to have a staff or faculty advisor.

These groups require member participation in and contribution to the creation, organization, and maintenance of the group, including development of a mission statement and purpose, programming, events, and meetings.

These groups can receive financial support up to $150 annually from PLTS CARES.  In addition to financial support, these groups are linked up with leadership opportunities offered by PLTS and Cal Lutheran.  Receiving support requires completion of a community group organization form.

Organization form

Groups are open to all who identify as members of a particular community or are interested in supporting a particular community.

Groups are encouraged to connect and partner with Culture and Justice Clubs at our Thousand Oaks campus.

Groups are encouraged to be involved in the wider, local community through organizing and solidarity works.

Groups are guided by and responsible to Cal Lutheran Policy on Clubs & Organizations

For more information about community groups, contact PLTS CARES.